Warrens Group, a leading company in green food waste collection North Yorkshire, was recently awarded the title of Supplier Of The Year at the Lead Association for Catering in Education (LACA) 2018 Awards. They were entered into this category by a school catering company they work alongside named Taylor Shaw. They are renowned for their fantastic commercial food waste collections, and this award was much deserved.

When this company, which also specialises in animal disposal services, was entered into the category, it was down to the unwavering hard work they currently carry out for more than 216 primary schools across County Durham. They successfully divert 100% of the food waste from these schools away from landfill. As responsible pioneers of environmentally-friendly food waste collection North Yorkshire, they instead use the food waste from the schools to generate clean, green energy that then powers thousands of homes each year.

Further to their animal disposal services and commercial food waste collections, Warrens pride themselves on their informative school visits. Their expert teams often go into schools to teach both the children and staff about the benefits of their recycling processes. As well as providing insightful school workshops, they invite the children and teachers to their site for a tour of their facilities. Having such a practical approach really helps get the message across of just how important responsible and green food waste collection North Yorkshire actually is.

This company sets a great example to others with its dedication to the education sector. Over the years, their team members have offered an immeasurable contribution to the North East and Yorkshire’s growth and development of education catering. Not to mention, they have also been recognised for their helpful team of staff and their outstanding customer service. If you’re looking for food disposal services of any kind, whether it’s commercial food waste collections or animal disposal, they are best placed to give you a service that is both effective and efficient.

Warrens’ inception was in 1946 and they have grown and grown ever since, so it is clear to see that they have the knowledge and expertise to carry out their job properly. In the beginning, they offered various recycling solutions tailored specifically for agricultural organisations – and this has since been the foundation of the business. Naturally, though, the business branched out as their abilities grew, and in 2016, they doubled their treatment capacity, annually processing 115,000 tonnes of waste. The most important part is that none of this waste is going into landfill and harming the environment – it’s being used in a positive and ecological way.

Are you interested in Warrens’ food waste services? Whether you work in a school, on a farm, in a restaurant, a hotel or anything else, they’ll be able to provide a sensible and practical solution for your waste. Especially in the state of the world today, it is important to contribute positively to the environment whenever you can. Visit the Warrens website or call a member of their team today to discuss your options and make a change that will impact the world.