Whether you’re going on a first date or you’re treating your significant other to a special evening out, you always want to impress when you’re going out with someone you like. Even so, when you think of dates, the first things that come to mind are always meals out, drinks or trips to the cinema.

Why not change it up this time? You could take your date to a trampoline park Milton Keynes and follow it up with an IMAX movie, you could hit up your local bowling alley and spend some time in the amusements, you could have a walk on the beach or hire a boat and take it out onto a lake – the options are endless! Below are just some great ideas for your next date night…

Experience Virtual Reality

This date is very ‘2018’ indeed. If you’ve never experienced the sensations of a virtual reality Milton Keynes headset and some hilarious games and videos to go with it, this is something you should definitely try. There are companies, like Rush VR, that provide all the equipment you need to take on a range of virtual reality Milton Keynes activities, from battling dragons outside of castles to escaping from a zombie apocalypse. If you’re going on a first date, this fun and different idea is bound to break the ice and have you both laughing in no time.

Try Indoor Skydiving

Show them your wild side on your next date and try out indoor skydiving Milton Keynes. Companies such as iFly will fully train you before sending you into the tunnel on a flight that gives you all the sensations of a real freefall. What’s more, there’s now even an option to enjoy your flight using a virtual reality Milton Keynes headset, so you really feel like you’re falling from a plane. This one’s definitely a good idea for those curious about skydiving Milton Keynes but a little too nervous for the real deal.

See a Film in 4DX

Going to see a film may be a typical date activity, but going to see a film in 4DX is bound to wow your date and make it one to remember. For those who haven’t heard of 4DX, it’s a new form of seating that’s installed in cinemas using advanced technology to allow you to be fully immersed in the film you’re watching. The effects you’ll feel include movement, wind, water, bubbles and scent. There’s no better way to experience some of the latest blockbusters, including the incredible new Jurassic World sequel. This one’s almost as exciting as indoor skydiving Milton Keynes!

Go Trampolining

Visiting a trampoline park Milton Keynes is a fun and unlikely way to enjoy time with someone you like. Many of these parks have more than just trampolining – they have sponge pits, basketball hoops and refreshments for afterwards. Going to a trampoline park Milton Keynes is a great alternative to the norm, and you could even pair it with a meal out or some drinks to follow if you’re not ready for your date to end after your visit.