Steel has played an integral part in human existence for over two thousand years. It has been a highly valued metal since biblical times for its strength and flexibility. Even the ‘Game of Thrones’ television show modelled its impenetrable Valyrian steel sword on the famous medieval Damascus steel.

Over the years we have adapted how we use steel, from using it for tools and weaponry to building grand buildings, bridges, homes and even the chip inside your mobile phone and laptop. The UK structural steel industry are world leaders. Even through the fateful 2008 recession, the supply-demand balance has been maintained with the industry’s ability to grasp new technology which has kept steel fabrication companies in high demand.

One such big player in the UK market is Newbridge Engineering. As a family run business, the company has many years of experience and a dedicated first-class team. The company has developed state-of-the-art computer software which is used alongside sophisticated machinery in order to take on special applications and produce workable solutions for their clients.

As a structural steelwork contractor they deliver a high standard of customer service at competitive prices. Newbridge have a lifting capacity of 50 tonnes and transportation is only limited by road restrictions. Their quality standard is to the CE marking Execution Class 3 and all delivered steelwork carries their certification certificate.

Newbridge Engineering pride themselves on being one of the most technologically advanced structural steel fabrication companies in the UK, and offer 3-D modelling alongside both main-frame and connection design to get steelwork to site in less time than competitors.