Redesigning your home is a huge job and it can take a lot of time – not to mention the pressure of choosing room elements that you’ll ideally love for years to come. Whether you want neutral, soft carpets and clean wall-space or bold Kahrs flooring with patterned borders and bespoke skirting boards, you’ll have an important job on your hands. Although there’s a lot of responsibility, though, doing up a house is a really fun and exciting task. A solid choice for many elements of a room is wood.

From grand oak wood doors Yorkshire to elegant Kahrs wooden flooring panels, wood is timeless and will always add character to a room. One way you could use wooden products to enhance your room is by incorporating bespoke skirting boards and lavish door frames. Traditionally, people tend to keep their beams and panels quite plain and simple, so adding something different will really make your room unique. Depending on your desired look and general style of your property, these could be painted white to give a clean and modern finish.

Wooden wall panelling is also a trend that’s been making a comeback this year. This would perhaps be suited best to rooms with carpeted floors rather than Kahrs wooden flooring, but if it’s designed tastefully, it can really make a room stand out. Again, painting these panels white is quite a popular choice. Light and soft colours like pastel green, light grey or dusty pink could work well for wall panels. For a really modern and stylish finish, you could choose to get geometric cuts on your panels – be as creative as you want!

As well as the floors and doors Yorkshire in your home, why not make use of wood in the furniture? Statement dressing tables or cabinets can bring class as well as being a practical investment for your home. Wood is one of the most hard-wearing materials you can choose for furniture. You could look at getting beautiful oak tables or even ornaments. You can be as neutral or as imaginative as you want.

Wood may be a reliable material for your house necessities such as doors Yorkshire, but you don’t have to limit wooden furniture to just the inside of your house. Wooden decking in gardens has been popular for the last decade or so, and it is easy to see why. It’s practical, available on a budget and looks lovely in gardens of all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, wooden garden furniture is also very popular, especially if you’ve got a large garden space.

If you’re hoping to really utilise your garden space, another option to consider is getting a summer house. These can be great spaces to spend time in when the weather’s bright, and you can use the same ideas for wooden flooring, décor and bespoke skirting boards as you may be using in your home.

However you choose to use it, wood is a fantastic option for many aspects of your home. Don’t overlook it when you’re redecorating – use it to your advantage.