If your company does any amount of hoisting or lifting, whether it’s to get people on scaffolds or to move large pieces of equipment or containers, chances are you either buy your equipment from hoisting equipment suppliers or lift equipment suppliers, or perhaps you use lifting equipment hire. Either way, you will know that there is a huge amount of equipment available. There are loads of different makes of products, as well as there being a variety of products under each category, i.e. just for clamps, there are beam clamps, plate clamps, rail clamps, drum handling clamps and more!

With this amount of choice available, it can be intimidating going to buy equipment from hoisting equipment suppliers or lift equipment suppliers as you may end up buying the wrong kit, which can be an expensive and embarrassing mistake. This is less of an issue with lifting equipment hire as it is often cheaper and less of an investment, as well as being easily returnable.

One company that makes this process a lot easier is a North-East based company with over 20 years of experience in providing lifting & testing services, as well as supplying high quality equipment to customers, is Durham Lifting. They are hoisting equipment suppliers who specialise in providing safe solutions to their customers, offering a huge variety of equipment and testing solutions to ensure that their work conditions are up to code.

If you need a more complete lifting solution, they sell Donati jib cranes, which can handle loads of up to 10,000kg. These high-quality cranes can help you get any lifting operations your company may need off the ground. They also sell a range of hoists and electric travel trolleys, which are ideal for moving loads over long distances. There are different models designed to handle different weights, and Durham Lifting’s expert knowledge can help ensure that you choose the correct equipment.

As mentioned earlier, lift equipment suppliers can stock a large number of different clamps, and Durham Lifting are no different. However, whilst it may seem intimidating to begin with, they can give you advice on which style and weight limitation would best suit your company and workloads. This is where the company differs from others. They have forged a reputation for their excellent customer service, which is fuelled by their knowledge, as well as their incredibly high-quality products.

If your company works with scaffolding, you can also get a range of height safety equipment from them, such as harnesses, lanyards, fall arrest blocks, descenders and more. Durham Lifting will listen to your concerns and needs for your worksite, and help you get the necessary equipment you need to ensure it is a safe place to work. This is obviously very important as otherwise accidents can occur, so it is reassuring to have the advice of experts.

They also offer a lifting equipment hire scheme, allowing you to rent out equipment, which is ideal if you are only planning to use them for a short amount of time and do not want to make the investment of buying the kit outright.