Are you considering having a tuning box fitted to your car? If so, that’s great! These tuning boxes (or chip tuning systems, if these are the option you’re choosing) are a fantastic way to maximise your vehicle’s performance, all the while minimising harm to the environment. Getting your car tuned has many benefits, some of which being: improved power and torque, improved fuel economy and improved throttle response. Even with all these positive aspects, though, there are still a lot of questions surrounding Mercedes tuning and tuning with other car models. Browse below some of the issues that tuning box dealers are frequently asked…

Will a tuning system cause damage to my car’s engine?

This question mostly comes down to the dealer you choose to fit your Mercedes tuning box. If you do business with a professional company that uses precise tuning systems designed by industry leaders, such as DTE Systems of Germany, you’ll have nothing to worry about. This manufacturer builds systems to exacting standards and ensures to meet with TüV approval – this is among the most stringent testing standards around the globe. Therefore, you will not see any damage to your engine from the chip tuning system itself. Be careful if you fit your tuning box yourself, though, as tuners that are incorrectly fit can sometimes be damaging to a car’s engine.

How is it possible to achieve both increased power and economy?

This is where the improved torque comes in. Both the efficiency of a car and the conservative values of it are governed by the level the vehicle has to work at to move from one place to another. If a vehicle has increased horsepower and torque, it will be able to reach a higher speed with less effort; it will be able to tow easily, cruise in high gears etc. All of this leads to an improved economy.

If I get a tuning system installed, do I have to let my insurance company know?

As with any modification you have on your car that alters it from the car factory standard, you should notify your insurance company about standard or chip tuning on your vehicle. Most insurance companies are familiar with Mercedes tuning systems and the positive effects they have. If you’re uncertain, though, give your insurance company a call.

Once a tuning box is installed, how easy is it to remove?

It is relatively easy to remove systems to revert cars to factory standards, but it does depend on the type of box you have fitted. The most reliable systems will include a blanking plug which can easily be attached to the loom in place of the tuning system in just a couple of minutes. You can remove this loom when you’ve removed your system to ensure no trace of the box is left.

Tuning your car to improve both its speed and its fuel economy will make a significant difference to how you drive. If you’ve been toying with the idea of fitting a tuning box but haven’t got around to it, what are you waiting for? Install your box this month and start to feel the improvement.