ODOLAND adjustable reflective vest is actually a must have for anyone loves cycling and running! Especially for those usually go out riding or running outdoors at nights!


I really appreciate this reflective vest. I don’t need to take water or other things with me for running. I don’t want to even notice it when I’m running or riding. So this one is what exactly I’ve been looking for!



Adjustable and Super-Fit


The cycling vest has mainly 2 sizes: S/M and L/XL. I choose S/M between the 2 sizes. It is adjustable so that anyone can put it on, no matter you are tall or short, slim or not that slim.


This vest is adjustable enough for a man, like a friend of mine who is 6 foot tall and 180lbs, to wear over a T-shirt or three layers of clothing. My vest of S/M size fits me close to the body and tight. And it doesn’t jostle or more, which is great!





An reflective vest must be lightweight. Last month I brought a similar vest that is obviously not lightweight. And every time I wear it for night running, I just can feel its weight and feel uncomfortable in a way. But as for this one, it is extremely lightweight! I don’t even notice I am wearing it!

Other than the reflective material, the main part of the vest is a lightweight mesh fabric. I think that’s what makes the vest lightweight and breathable. And it is guaranteed not to ride up. And maybe it is also because it doesn’t have any water bottle holder on it. It is designed simple but incredibly comfortable! It just sits comfortably when I’m running or cycling. Great for night runners like me!



Super safe!


The reflective properties are excellent and very bright when car headlights hit the material. We don’t have street lights in our neighborhood for a short period of time. So it is a little bit scared when going outside at night and usually can’t see things clearly. But I only have time running my dog at night after work. I’m very pleased with the construction and the fact that it has lots of reflective surface not only in the front and the back but also on arms. I wear the vest and the arm bands so that the passes-by and vehicles around me can see me and my dog clearly. It helps me to be as visible as possible to car drivers, making us much safer.



Overall, this reflective vest is bright enough for me to be visible by passers-by and vehicles. It just sits comfortably when wearing it. Designed simple but does exactly what it is made to do!