Selling raffle tickets at a charity event, or even your office Christmas party is a fun and easy way to raise awareness for your cause or to give something back to your staff for their hard work over the year.

To entice people to buy their draw tickets, you need prizes which will get people to part with their cash. It can be prizes which are relatively small or inexpensive, and therefore the tickets themselves can be sold at a cheap price, or it can be a little more extravagant.

Often this can be advantageous for both charities and businesses. By going out and talking to local restaurants, events companies and hotels/spas you will find people willing to give out free gift vouchers and meals to gain a little more publicity for their own business.

From the traditional raffle to the silent auction, one integral part of such an event is the tickets that people buy. Remmer Print are online specialists in raffle tickets printing with something to suit all occasions.

Remmer Print offer an online catalogue of various sample tickets to be used an inspiration for your own unique customised tickets. They also offer extensive specialist knowledge of the law surrounding the information required to be on the ticket, with space for up to eight prizes.

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