When taking the plunge and choosing to buy a box van or box trailer, customers often do a lot of research to find out the best choice for them. Buying a box van trailer can be something of an investment so this research is pretty much mandatory. A company in the North East called Eco-Trailer are a popular choice for a lot of would-be towers thanks to their high quality enclosed and open trailers. They have also attracted an ardent social media following thanks to their excellent customer service and interaction levels.

They offer a wide range of trailers, such as their flagship Velocity RS trailer, which features market leading BPW running gear, top quality components, and a 5-year warranty, or the Titan, which is their gigantic trailer, suitable for larger vehicles or a whole host of accessories and equipment. For customers looking for a high-quality box van or box trailer, Eco-Trailer have made a good name for themselves in this corner of the market.

However, even if you decided to purchase your box van trailer from another company, Eco-Trailer has a host of resources that can help you learn more about how to fix, fit and change different parts of your trailer if necessary. Their video guides are brilliant, allowing you to actually see and understand how to make these adjustments to your trailer, rather than just giving you a written guide that may be more difficult to comprehend.

There are currently four video tutorials on their website. The first one shows you how to efficiently and securely fit a hitch lock to your box trailer. Fitting one of these properly is very important as it will stop your trailer from separating from the towing vehicle, as well as stopping thieves from stealing it. The video first shows it being attached normally, and then shows it being fitted in under 18 seconds, which is very impressive!

The next video on their site details how you would go about changing a ball hitch, overrun damper or pull rod on your box van trailer, which are basic trailer maintenance jobs. This video is certified by BPW, who supply Eco-Trailer’s top-quality running gear, and other components.

They also have a video tutorial on changing BPW brake shoes, an incredibly important task to carry out on any trailer or box van, as faulty or worn brake shoes can be very hazardous. The video goes through the installation step-by-step, explaining every small tweak and manoeuvre that the mechanic in the video makes, making it easy to follow and understand.

Their final video is about adjusting the BPW brake system, which can ensure that your inner brake components like the overrun damper will last longer and have less wear and tear. This can be quite a confusing and intimidating task, but the video goes through the whole process clearly and succinctly, making it easier than it would be with just a guidebook.

If you are still unsure about carrying out these jobs yourself, Eco-Trailer are always contactable for advice, or you could even take your trailer back to their facility to get them to take a look at it!