It is time to start being more proactive about keeping homes and buildings more energy efficient. For decades we have been aware of the need to live more environmentally conscious lives Without insulation people are usually paying more on annual energy costs by simply using more energy than is needed. Installing something as simple as timber frame insulation will make a room more breathable and reduces heat loss.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “Heat loss through the ceiling and walls in your home could be very large if the insulation levels are less than the recommended minimum. When your house was built, the builder likely installed the amount of insulation recommended at that time. Given today’s energy prices (and future prices that will probably be higher), the level of insulation might be inadequate, especially if you have an older home.”

Acara Concepts offer services in soundproofing UK wide. They are a distributor of natural and sustainable thermal and acoustic insulation materials which have both health benefits and ensure an energy efficient and durable built environment. They provide insulation for new build properties and also specialise in insulating old or historic solid walls.

All of Acara’s products can reward builders with points under the Code for Sustainable Homes and they can all be recycled or composted after their useful life. One such product are the Lignotrend LIGNO Acoustic Light absorption panels. This reverberation board is a form of room acoustics treatment which is critical in rooms with hard surfaces. These products work to reduce the echo in rooms, improve sound quality and offer an aesthetically pleasing finished solution.