If you’re a lover of snow sports, summer can be a long old season. You may not know, though, that there’s an entertainment centre in Milton Keynes where you can enjoy the thrill of the skiing Milton Keynes all year round, come rain or shine. This entertainment centre is called Xscape, and it’s home to a 170m-long snow slope (made of real snow!) which is part of the UK’s best snow school, Snozone. It offers skiing, sledging and snowboarding Milton Keynes for people of all ages and abilities. If you just can’t wait until snow season to get your skis on, this is undoubtedly the place to visit.

Not only do the experienced team at Snozone teach lessons and give advice to visitors where needed, but they provide outdoor clothing Milton Keynes hire. This is particularly handy for those who are new to the sport and unsure whether they’re going to commit to an actual snowboarding or skiing Milton Keynes holiday. Furthermore, it is preferable for those who want to give snowboarding Milton Keynes a try as a one-off afternoon activity with a difference.

Whether you are interested in refining your already established skills on the slope or you’re a little rusty and hoping to improve, Snozone offers enough space and snow to ensure everyone has a great time. There are dedicated areas for people of different abilities, and the team of staff are committed to making sure there are equal opportunities for all, along with outdoor clothing Milton Keynes available to hire.

Expanding on ‘equal opportunities for all’ at Snozone, it is actually the UK’s only indoor snow school that adapts to teach visitors who face physical challenges or disabilities. They do this through flexible skiing Milton Keynes coaching as well as using a range of specially-made equipment including sit skis. These can be used either independently or with one of the Snozone coaches. Further to this, stand up riggers are available to use. These are built to aid amputees or any other guests who need them (those who have poor mobility or coordination benefit from using riggers).

As well as being an ideal place for people to enjoy skiing and snowboarding Milton Keynes, Snozone also offers Snow Camps for the kids to attend over the summer holidays and half-term breaks. These camps are a fantastic way to motivate kids to keep active, all the while having lots of fun and making new friends. Moreover, kids who attend this camp usually get to learn a valuable life skill. This year will see them learn first aid skills alongside their time on the slope.

Whatever your circumstance, if you’d like to grab your outdoor clothing Milton Keynes and head to the mountains this summer, Snozone is the next best thing. It offers an authentic and exciting experience – not to mention that the centre has a diverse range of delicious restaurants to choose from and some fantastic shops filled with specialist sporting brands. It’s the ideal destination for a day out with friends or family.