Digital marketing is getting so much popularity these days that companies are blindly throwing money into digital marketing channels without having a strategy to improve their online presence.

We must understand the factors that play a role in our digital presence and the factors that give us good ROI. Some of these factors are as follows.

Goals and Business Objectives
Research and Analytics
Budget for Digital Marketing Activities
Execution of Digital Strategy Plan

All effective digital marketing strategies start with a proper research and analytics. We must understand who our customers are, how many of them exist, where we can find them plus how much it is going to cost us to target them. Though we have many analytics tools are available in the market but we can rely on Google Analytics as its one of the most accepted tools these days. We will have to use the Demographics information to understand our core audience.

By setting good goals and business objectives, we allow ourselves to understand when a campaign is succeeding and when one is failing and how quickly we need to adjust our strategy. Digital marketing is an ever changing landscape and it’s crucial to spend our digital marketing budget in the most effective way.

Once we have our audience data we need to determine how much it is going to cost us to attract the right amount of visitors to achieve our targeted goals. Many types of research show that for every 100 visitors to our website we get 5 lead forms. So if we have a goal of 20 lead forms in 1 month. We need 400 visitors to reach our conversion goal and each visitor is going to cost you some amount. You need a budget for this goal.  We use the Google  Adwords Keyword Planner to find search volume for a particular keyword or set of keywords along with the cost per click to acquire that click on Google.

Now that our research, planning and budgeting is complete it’s time to execute our digital marketing strategy.

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