Insurance is more than just a formality. Its security. Without it, you could be going bankrupt if an accident were to happen. So why take the risk? In this modern age, its never been more important to have insurance and its never been more dangerous to not have it in terms of protecting your money.

There are many Nigerian Insurance Companies, however not all of them provide the same services nor the same quality of services. My Insurance Nigeria is a company started by a man named Bonus Fombo who graduated from his MBA program at the University of Edinburgh Business School in 2013, he also holds a Bachelor degree in Actuarial Science from The University of Lagos, Nigeria. It is an independent insurance company with a lot to offer that can save you money. The main types of insurance compared by My Insurance Nigeria are listed below:

  • Car Insurance Nigeria

– If you are going to drive a vehicle, then it is a requirement by law that you are insured on it. This will reduce or even get rid of the costs that you may be paying if you are in an accident and it is not your fault. So why not get the best deal on your car insurance by using a compare insurance Nigeria service?

  • Home Insurance Nigeria

– Why risk losing your most valuable possessions? You can find the home insurance most suitable for you with My Insurance Nigeria. By having home insurance, you are protecting your home and your possessions from damage or theft.

  • Travel Insurance Nigeria

– Travel insurance may be viewed as less important than others, but if you have an accident abroad then your medical bills could be through the roof. Is it really a risk worth taking? Especially when its so easy to find valuable insurance through any insurance company.

So if youre looking for great Nigeria insurance then My Insurance Nigeria can help you. The road to your most suitable insurance couldnt be easier as the website has a simple form to fill out, then you can see prices in seconds. Your quotes are also saved so that you may edit them or even request a new quote.

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