Office space is important when it comes to creating a productive working environment, and the quality of that space can have a surprising effect on the way that people work. In fact, the state of the working environment is one of the larger driving factors in a person’s work ethic and overall happiness during business hours. There are actually multiple factor’s that can affect a person’s productivity and unfortunately the work environment is often forgotten about.

We all have experiences of less than desirable working conditions, even if it was just a series of mild inconveniences. We’ve all had to work on that floor that smells a bit strange, or worked in an office where the toilets were never working and the lighting always seemed a bit sickly and dim. We don’t tend to look back on such environments with fondness, and with good reason. Who wants to remember working in such horrible places? It becomes even more obvious when you have worked in such an environment before just how important a good working space is.

It’s a common problem that can usually be related to people occupying older buildings that simply aren’t up to modern standards of construction and building design. We’ve come a long way since then and have a much more sophisticated understanding of how people are affected by their work and home environments, and it’s become clear that a good office space should be:

  • Designed to allow plenty of natural light in – this has been proven to be a huge factor time and time again
  • Brightly coloured and airy – darker, duller colours have been proven to psychologically affect people and make them prone to slumps in productivity
  • Temperate and properly regulated – circulated air can be a bit of a nightmare at the best of times and it always seems to be too hot or too cold, never a happy medium. Inconsistent temperature can be the cause of all sorts of problems, from increased stress, increased feelings of depression and even physical problems like migraines and sight problems.
  • Practically designed and up to date – A properly designed office can do wonders for the way people work and so can the right technology. A modern site with the latest, up-to-date tools can be a great way to inject some work ethic into the place. A great office space needs a lot of things, from ergonomic chairs to a fast internet connection and modern computers.

There’s a strong market these days for serviced offices, with good reason. Ranging from residential accommodation in Middlesbrough to serviced offices Bolton, there are plenty of companies that can help you to find the perfect working environment for your business.

If you’re still not totally convinced, then it might help to know that serviced offices are also a great way to save money, especially if you’re a smaller, start up business still trying to find their feet. Serviced offices not only come with all the things that you need to start working, but they also tend to be available on flexible leases, allowing you to opt-in or out whenever you want. If you start losing money, then getting out of a serviced office space won’t be giving you any headaches.