In a previous article (caring for your hot tub cover – part one), we covered the importance of high quality hot tub covers, such as those supplied by Spamaster, along with the daily harsh elements they face. In part two, you will find out some top tips on how to prolong the life of your hot tub or spa cover from Spamaster.

It’s not a toy

Avoid sitting, standing, crawling or jumping on your cover; hot tub covers are made using foam, therefore they will not even support the weight of a child.

Care for the cover handles and seams

You should only use the handles when you are opening or closing the cover along with the straps being used to secure the cover only. You shouldn’t lift your cover by the skirting either. Doing any of this can break the handles, straps and damage the seams as the weight cannot be held by these alone. In order to lift your cover, you should use a cover lifter as it puts less stress on the seams.

Use an EnergyGuard

You can save energy by using a floating EnergyGuard cover underneath the hard cover; it eliminates the loss of evaporation, retaining heat and also protects the underside of the hard cover against chemical steam.

Clean your SpaMaster cover

Every few weeks you should hose down the underside of the cover, avoid powerful washes such as jet washes as this may damage the foam. In the warmer months, you should use a quality product such as 330 Cleaner & Protector regularly; it contains UV protection which will stop the vinyl degrading in the sun. When using chemicals in your hot tub especially ‘Shock’ and ‘Oxidising’ chemical, fully remove your cover and leave it open for at least 30 minutes after placing the chemicals in your hot tub.

Secure your hot tub cover

When your hot tub is not use, always secure the locks; when trying to move or open your hot tub ensure that you unlock the locks, this provides maximum protection for your cover.

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