Viber is one of the most popular messenger apps over the world, especially in some European countries. It connects over 800 billion people on all desktop and mobile platforms. Viber for Android is absolutely the version most people are using.

Viber features in video and audio calls on Wi-Fi or 3G network, but the sticker is also a big attraction for users. Except for on some countries that block Viber (yes, it is true. Don’t get confused if your Viber connection is bad in these areas), the network call is pretty satisfying.

Another feature that makes Viber different from WhatsApp is the Public accounts. You can chat with the businesses and brands you care about and follow their account for the exclusive content they share. Actually, this is quite similar to Wechat, the most popular social app in China. See more [link=]alternatives to WhatsApp[/link].
If Viber has become an important part of your life, it is suggested to back up your Android phone Viber chats and restore them whenever you need.

Back up Viber on Android

Viber allows users to back up message history to Cloud service and restore to a device with the same phone number.
Step 1. Go to More Screen.
Step 2. Click Settings.
Step 3. Select Viber Backup.
Step 4. Choose Back up.
Step 5. Wait while Viber backs up your data.

Restore Viber on Android

Make sure you connect to the same cloud service as when you made backups.
Step 1. Go to Viber Backup tab.
Step 2. Check available backup.
Step 3. Tap Restore.
Step 4. Select RESTORE NOW.

Recover Deleted Viber Messages without Backup

To recover Viber messages and attachments without backup, you’ll need iReparo [link=]Android Data Recovery[/link], which is possibly the best recovery tool for Android device. Rooting is required.
Step 1. Download and install the recovery program.
Step 2. Run the program and choose WhatsApp section, which includes both Viber and WhatsApp.
Step 3. Scan your phone with the Android Viber recovery software.
Step 4. Preview and Recover Viber chat history from Android phone.
For detailed tutorial, please check [link=]Android Viber recovery[/link].