Artsyl Technologies, Inc.™, a leading global provider of data capture and document processing automation technologies for digital transformation today announced that had joined the Laserfiche Professional Developer Partnership (PDP) program to integrate its docAlpha software with Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products.

The tight integration of Artsyl’s docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform and Laserfiche’s Enterprise Content Management system provides a robust, intelligent capture and digital transformation solution that automates the most painful steps in transactional business processes: data entry, document filing and approval routing.

“The docAlpha digital transformation platform is uniquely designed for maximum flexibility, making it easy to support a wide range of business processes, including Produce to Pay, Order to Cash and any other data- or document-dependent process,” said Jeff Moore CSO/Partner at Artsyl Technologies, Inc.

Artsyl’s docAlpha enables Laserfiche ECM customers to transform their business operations by targeting and eliminating the most costly, inefficient and error-prone steps in regular accounts receivable and accounts payable processes, including document classification and filing, data entry, routing, approval and ERP transaction creation. As a result, organisations can reduce manual data entry costs, increase data accuracy and improve document processing speed while providing an instant, end-to-end audit trail of document-driven processes and facilitating process compliance and data/document security. With support for extraction and processing of line item data as well as two- or three-way matching of orders, invoices and receipts, docAlpha fully automates sales and purchase order processing.

Critical features of Artsyl’s Laserfiche integration include:

  • Automatic data capture and document sorting handling, with transfer from Artsyl to Laserfiche
  • Full document and meta-data transfer between systems
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Provides central control over standards, security and auditing.

Through its PDP program, Laserfiche provides out-of-the-box integrations with leading systems for enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), geographic information system (GIS) as well as ECM-related solutions.

“Integrating the docAlpha digital transformation platform with Laserfiche ECM helps companies to reduce process cycle times and elevates the impact employees can have on operations,” said Catherine Ramos, director of the Professional Developer Partnership program at Laserfiche. “We’re delighted to partner with Artsyl to provide our customers with advanced capture optimised to support accounts payable, sales order processing and other high-value business processes.”

About Artsyl Technologies, Inc.

Artsyl Technologies, Inc. is the innovative company behind the docAlpha Digital Transformation platform. For over 12 years Artsyl has been designing, building and innovating technology used by companies globally to reduce their document processing burdens. Whether you have Accounts Payable Invoices or Medical documents like Claims, EOBs or Patient Records docAlpha is designed to make their processing easy. docAlpha can be used in any business process to automate the classification, data extraction, validation and routing of mission-critical information to its proper line-of-business application. docAlpha is a state-of-the-art platform designed using Microsoft .NET and a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) which allows it to scale up for Enterprise level On-Premise deployment or be used as a cloud-based SaaS solution. docAlpha is sold through distributors and VARs globally. Visit for more information.

About Laserfiche

Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management transforms how organisations manage information, automate document-driven business processes and make timely, informed decisions. Using Laserfiche, organisations can innovate how documents and unstructured data are processed and analysed to achieve business results. Laserfiche provides intuitive solutions for capture, electronic forms, workflow, case management, cloud, mobile and government-certified records management. Since 1987, Laserfiche has been the trusted choice of more than 35,000 organisations worldwide. For more information, visit or follow Laserfiche on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

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