If you’re a first-time buyer for HD CCTV cameras, chances are you have been left with the difficult decision on which system is best for your application. With many options of specifications, type and prices to choose from, the investment is an important one to get right. Nonetheless, don’t let this worry you as the following breakdown guide should support your overall decision on CCTV kits. Keeping this in mind, the large number of HD CCTV kits available ensures a good option for both businesses and homes.

When browsing CCTV kits, you will find a vast price range, with some that represent their true value and some that don’t. If you need to follow a budget, it’s important to weigh up the specifications of each product, so you get the best value for your money. As a first-time investor, it’s ideal to opt for a small, good-quality starting system, so then you can add cameras on later if necessary. Otherwise, you could suffer with buyer’s remorse if you rush into purchasing HD CCTV cameras. Thankfully, there are a wide array of reputable HD CCTV kits on the market such as HiWatch, so buyer’s remorse is easily avoidable.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to check the warranty of every product before purchasing. Unfortunately, most cheap, unbranded CCTV kits usually provide a short 6-month long warranty, so you might find yourself spending more than needed. Most trustworthy suppliers will provide a professional installation service or give up to 3 years’ warranty, so look out for these options.

One other thing that’s vital for helping decide between HD CCTV kits is looking out for good camera capabilities and specifications. So, when considering which to purchase, make sure you check the memory storage, lens type and the angle range. It’s important to pick a high-quality camera lens, as they have a better focal length and therefore view its subjects more easily. Additionally, a larger wide-angle lens means a poorer focal length or field of vision. So, it’s ideal to know exactly what your requirements are for investing in HD CCTV cameras, as it could be the pinnacle factor in catching any burglars.

If you outline your requirements, such as what you want your cameras to capture, you need to analyse where’s best to position them. If you are a business, homeowner or both, the installation position will depend on your property type and security needs. Typically, when homeowners install CCTV systems, they fit cameras at the front of their property, which oversees their driveway or front door. Similarly, businesses will fit cameras that cover the outside perimeters and darker spots of the property.

Prior to making any final decisions for choosing a CCTV system, you should always ask a professional for advice on what’s best for your home or business. A professional installer will assess your property and listen to your requirements, as well as suggest all options available to you. Some of the options will cover which cameras, recorders and cables are available. Lastly, experts will allow you to view footage for every kit choice before you make any final decisions.