Biodegradable Packaging Market 2015-2021: Research Nester

Currently, the global non-biodegradable packaging market amounts to USD 5 Billion and with increasing regulations of government to reduce the non-biodegradable wastage.

Regionally, North America has lion’s share of the global bio-degradable packaging industry. Country wise, the U.S. is the largest market (in terms of consumption) of bio-degradable packaging in North America and is anticipated to flourish at a burgeoned pace in the future.

The European government has planned to reduce the consumption of conventional plastic bags in the region by 80% points in the next 5-6 years. On the back of this step, the bio-degradable plastic industry in Europe is anticipated to flourish at a healthy CAGR of 12.3% during the forecast period. U .K. and Germany are the two major markets of bio-degradable packaging in Europe at present. The market of bio-degradable materials in these countries is majorly driven by the strict enactment of environmental friendly government regulations and continuous innovations and research in the packaging industry.

The global bio-degradable paper packaging market is dominated by the Asia Pacific region followed by Europe and North America. This region is also anticipated to occupy 34% of global bio-degradable plastic market by 2019. Country wise, India and China are the two major markets of bio-degradable packaging in India.  The paperboard packaging industry of India is anticipated to witness a burgeoned Y-O-Y growth rate of 11.5 % during 2015-2021.

The capacity of bio-degradable plastics in China in 2014 was around 382 Kilotons and with major bio-degradable plastic projects like PBSA Phase II, the market would surely get fuelled in the coming future.

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With the aim of enhancing the quality of the environment, the world is now focusing on developing innovative solutions to curb the detrimental effects of non-biodegradable materials across the globe. The Bio-degradable packaging is one such solution which is environmental-friendly and could easily be degraded in few days or weeks.

Geographically, with 66% of market share Europe and North America are the largest market of bio-degradable packaging, primarily driven by the presence of large number of high income population in the region. Asia Pacific is also a major market of bio-degradable materials chiefly propelled by the expansion in the GDP figures and rapid expansion of population in the region.

Market Segmentation

By material type

On the basis of material used in packaging, the market is segment into plastic and paper bio-degradable materials. With 95.1 % of market share, the bio-degradable plastic packaging is the most preferred packaging material however, the bio-degradable paper packaging is anticipated to occupy the largest market and witness a burgeoned growth during 2015-2021.


By applications

The global bio-degradable packaging market is divided on the basis of applications as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, beverage packaging, etc.  At present, food packaging leads the market with 70.2 % of share, although beverage packaging is expected to witness the highest growth in coming 5-6 years.

Growth Drivers and challenges

Rising inclination of people towards use of environment friendly products is one of the major growth drivers of the bio-degradable packaging industry.

In addition to this, rising initiatives of the government for manufacturing of bio-degradable materials also projected to escalate the bio-degradable packaging market.

Key Players

The global bio-degradable market includes, but not limited to major players like International Paper, Biopac, Natureworks LLC, Stora Enso, Clearwater Paper Corporation, Novamont S.P.A, Georgia-Pacific LLC, Rocktenn, Mondi Group, Smurfit Kappa Group, Kruger Inc. and BASF SE.

Scope and Context

Overview of the Parent Market

Analyst View

Market Size and Growth

North America Market Size, Y-O-Y and CAGR % Growth Analysis
Europe Market Size, Y-O-Y and CAGR % Growth Analysis
Asia-Pacific Market Size, Y-O-Y and CAGR % Growth Analysis
Rest of World Market Size, Y-O-Y and CAGR % Growth Analysis

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Biodegradable Packaging Market Size and Forecast, 2015-2021

Biodegradable Packaging Market CAGR for the Period 2015-2021

Biodegradable Packaging Market Y-O-Y for the Period 2015-2021

Biodegradable Packaging Market Demand & Supply Analysis

Biodegradable Packaging Market Investment Attractiveness

Biodegradable Packaging Market BPS Analysis

Biodegradable Packaging Market Dynamics – Trends, Drivers, Challenges, Opportunities

Biodegradable Packaging Market Competitive Landscape Analysis

Biodegradable Packaging Market Investment Proposition, by Geography

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